Match Deposit Bonuses

Gambling is meant to be fun as it helps you detach from your day to day activities - also, it can be very rewarding. If you're playing for real money, however, the stakes are higher and you'll need to familiarize yourself with various online gaming terms.

Keep in mind that game sites provide a wide variety of bonuses, which could be a little confusing for the beginners. One particular term that many players find complicated is a match deposit bonus. The information below is going to shed some light on this type of casino promotion.

What is a Match Deposit Bonus?

Match Deposit Bonus

Also known as a deposit bonus, a match-up promotion is amongst common casino deals you'll come across. Whenever an online operator gives you a matched promo, it simply means that you'll be awarded a bonus that's a percentage of your stake in amount. For instance, if a player credits their account with £100 to unlock a 100% match-up offer, they'll get an additional £100, which you can use to take part in various games available on a game website.

Note that this particular promotion is always limited. You may have come across a match -up promo stating that your deposit amount will be matched 'up to' a certain amount. This would be the limit imposed by a game site stating the amount they're willing to give you for free - this discourages bonus abuse.

Therefore, when you find 'up to £500' in a promotion, it means anything above that amount is not viable to get a match-up. As such, if you receive a 50% promo up to £500, and you pay £600, you'll receive a maximum of £250 extra cash as if you deposited £500 - so you'll have £850 in total to spend.

How is a Deposit Bonus Offered?

Note that a match deposit bonus is offered in different forms as explained below:

  • Welcome Promotions: Match Deposit Bonus As a general rule, all UK online gambling establishments give this type of offer. Usually, they match your first, second, third and sometimes your forth deposits - the most common offer is usually 100% match-up promo but some are known to go as high as 500% with extra freebies such as free spins.
  • Reload: Match Deposit Bonus This is another form of a deposit promotion that's given to existing players. It is meant to encourage you to continue wagering at a certain casino. A reload promo is smaller than a sign-up offer as it could range between 25% and 100% - however, it goes a long way towards helping you to grow your bankroll easily.

Remember this When Claiming a Match Deposit Bonus

Just like all other types of casino deals, you ought to be careful when choosing as well as redeeming match-up bonuses. One very important thing to remember is reading the bonus terms and conditions. Here, you need to pay attention to the minimum deposit requirements, the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, country restrictions and expiration dates of free spins if any.

When you follow these tips, you'll be sure to get the most out of this particular casino deal.